A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneurial Journalist

A new title going around the media industry is what’s called an entrepreneurial journalist. These folks, too tired to find a job or not willing to take one of the new opportunities available at a smaller pay rate, have decided to go it alone, and start their own site.
While it’s an option, it’s also risky and your job must also almost become an obsession in order to make an income that supports the family. However, if you have the personality and commitment, it could be highly rewarding. One such entrepreneurial journalist gave an insight into his own day-to-day, as he tries to turn his idea into a well-paying gig.
The journalist Steve Safran writes on his blog:

I have been trying to write this blog post since 9:30 am. (Actually, since July 12.) It is now 7:16pm. In the interim, I have had to write and send out my bi-weekly newsletter, upload four new articles, format the artwork for a new advertiser and put it in the ad server, finish writing a business plan, field emails with news and content to post and then post it, gently kick my two 8-year olds out of my home office (twice), and plan the next installment of LoopTV…all after a meeting today regarding Venture #2.

Jeez, don’t forget to breath. Safran, who in the first paragraph admits he’s an “obsessive journalist,” runs a hyperlocal site in Westchester, NY called the Loop.
But maybe, most importantly, Safran has found a way to enjoy his current gig in a similar way that he enjoyed old-school journalism.

One of the things I loved about being a reporter was the ability to do something new every day, meet people I never would have otherwise and learn about their jobs, which were so different than the one I had. And maybe along the way I can pass something of meaning on to someone, somewhere. And really, in that way, nothing’s changed.