A Day In The Life Of…A PR Chief

The CEO of 5WPR has just released a book, For Immediate Release, which aims to teach businesses how to use PR to their advantage.

It also includes sections that seem to be aimed at helping regular people understand how PR works. A “Day in the life” if you will.

PR Daily has the excerpt, which we’re further excerpting below:

My BlackBerry started buzzing just past 6 a.m. This isn’t unusual; early morning (or late night) calls from staff or clients are par for the course. PR doesn’t end at 5 p.m. and begin at 9 a.m. the next day. This anxious call was no different than dozens of others I’d received over the years.

“Ronn, did you read the paper yet?”


“Well, read it now and call me back. Now. Now.”

There it was, in bold print, a major story about a labor-related lawsuit filed against another client, one that had clearly been planted by someone with an agenda against his company. No wonder he was calling at dawn. If it wasn’t handled properly, the lawsuit and accompanying media would have a very negative effect on his business. Okay. I had three hours until my 9 a.m. appointment at a top-tier newspaper’s office with the IPO client for a Q&A followed by daylong, back-to-back national and international media interviews. He was ready—we had worked through the many potential questions, and his answers were as close to flawless as they were going to get.

So…..what do you think? It’s missing curse words and coffee, and is a little glamorized (even the 6 a.m. wakeup call), but is it otherwise accurate?