A Cute Dog Video Is Interrupted By Hackers in Jack in the Box’s Super Bowl Teaser

Regional buy gets big Facebook push

Who doesn't love a good baby/dog pairing? Jack in the Box
Headshot of Lauren Johnson

If you scroll too quickly on Facebook, you may miss this year’s Super Bowl campaign from longtime advertiser Jack in the Box. Well, kind of.
The fast-food chain and creative agency David&Goliath is again running a regional Super Bowl ad in 47 markets during the third quarter of the game, to launch its new hamburger with bacon butter, aptly called the Triple Bacon Buttery Jack. Leading up to the game, the brand debuted a teaser video on Facebook today that makes creative use of the flood of videos posted to the social site that automatically play as you scroll through the newsfeed.
At first, Jack in the Box’s ad looks like any one of the millions of dog and baby videos posted there daily. Then 5 seconds into the spot, it becomes clear that this is a different type of video, when two anonymous guys appear who claim to have hacked brand mascot Jack’s email to find a secret recipe.

According to Iwona Alter, Jack in the Box’s CMO, the spot is designed to play off all of the buzzy recent mentions of hackers in the news.
“We wanted to take a more positive approach and treat our consumers to some top secret delicious news before it was released,” she said. “As you will see in our teaser videos, the leaked information benefits America’s burger lovers, even if it does reveal some embarrassing facts about Jack Box.”
When the final spot debuts on Facebook later this week, Alter said her team will use video ads again for targeting with custom content. “The added benefit is that we can quantify exactly how many people we’re reaching, and how many are watching our video ads,” she added.

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