A Clean, Well-Lighted Space, Going 90–Writers At Work

In the House & Garden section of the LA Times, authors spill the not-very hot beans about their favorite writing places. Bernadette Murphy tries to romanticize this standard story:

Ask writers where they work and you’re liable to hear things you weren’t expecting. Certainly, the tools of the trade will be involved: a desk, a dictionary, a computer–sometimes just a pen and paper. But where each writer creates is as idiosyncratic as that writer’s voice, as unique as his phrasing, as unusual as her lyricism.

Well, FBLA was expecting to hear that people write at desks, in rooms, in houses, and surprise! most of the authors do just that. Bernard Cooper, Janet Fitch, Wanda Coleman, and Carolyn See all work in various domestic spaces. Susan Straight writes on yellow pads, in parked cars, waiting for kids, but she also has a home office.

The one joker in this pack is Jim Krusoe:

“My favorite writing space is my Toyota Sienna van, moving down the freeway,” Krusoe said, pointing out that he doesn’t mean as a passenger. “It’s very simple. I have a pad and when I need to write, I put the pad on the steering wheel, and I write a sentence.”

FBLA thinks that suffering for one’s art is admirable, but this bozo better not make us suffer too.