A Clean Fun Way to Socialize with Fellow Gamers at WePlayThis

weplaythis_logo.gifWePlayThis is a new social network for gamers that doesn’t want to be a gaming site. What? How can a social network for gamers be not like a gaming site? Well, WePlayThis thinks that gaming sites are dark, geeky and cramped with porn, popups and poker ads. And WePlayThis is avoiding all of those bad stuff with its own clean and fun social networking site.

For one, WePlayThis’ main portal is designed in a simple and yet professionally clean looking interface. The white page background sets the tone of what WePlayThis wants to achieve – to establish a social networking sites for clean gaming fun, where gamers who share the same interests interact, talk to friends and show to their network what game they are playing right now.weplaythis_feature_one.jpgTo achieve this, WePlayThis offers several features which will surely make the social networking activities of gamers as clean and as fun as they could get.

Shelf – Organize your collections of games through your own game shelf. Your shelf serves as your window into the social networking site of WePlayThis. It is your main portal where you tell the whole web what game your are currently playing or have played sometime during your gaming life.

Apps – What good is a social networking site without some nifty applications to work with. Unfortunately, WePlayThis is still working on this feature.

Blog – How can you make use of WePlayThis’ blogging feature? To write anything and everything you want about games, consoles, your game conquests, tricks you’ve matter, and did I say practically anything and everything under the sun?

weplaythis_shelf.jpgYou – Ok, you are a gamer, and WePlayThis is pretty sure that you know how to do something else aside from gaming. Maybe you are a game developer yourself. Well, then WePlayThis lets you tell your WePlayThis network of friends about it. Using your profile or blog or any other part of WePlayThis.

People – If you’ve been looking for that long lost gamer friend that you’ve met on a chatroom before, you can search for them through WePlayThis. If you’re lucky you might stumble upon them on WePlayThis network. After all, WePlayThis is a social networking site for gamers, so where else can you find fellow gamers but in WePlayThis.

Contribute – WePlayThis encourages ingenuity of gamers, so if you can design your own shelf, WePlayThis would gladly accept it have it featured on WePlayThis’ portal.

Stuff – Ah, widgets! Every social networking sites most important feature, is in WePlayThis as well. Embed various WePlayThis stuff on your web pages or blogs via the WePlayThis widgets.

There you have, cool and clean features of WePlayThis. The social networking site is currently on closed beta. Hopefully the site opens soon as it offers a refreshing way for gamers to socialize online.