A celebrity Scientology flip book on the Web

Franklin Avenue’s Michael Schneider tips us off to a truly bizarre feature buried in NBC 4’s website: an image gallery of celebrity scientologists.

With absolutely no context or explanation, NBC4.tv gives us 32 famous Scientologists in alphabetical order. “But wait!” those of you who followed the link are already thinking. “The website says there are 49 pictures.”

That’s right, but starting at number 33, and once again without any explanation, the gallery goes from “Scientologist John Travolta, actor” to “Former Scientologist Mikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer.” The next 17 entries are an odd array or stars who spent time as Scientologists and escaped without getting rubbed out (though surely after signing extensive non-disclosure agreements) including Brad Pitt and Jerry Seinfeld.

Interestingly, as Mike noted, long deceased Sonny Bono isn’t only included in the list, but amongst the currently practicing members of the church. “Former Scientologist Sonny Bono, singer and politician” would be awkward, but at least accurate.

Makes us wonder what other bizarre, cheaply acquired content is buried in the bowels of TV affiliate websites.