A Brief Look at The Most Popular Online News Stories for 2011

Bill Lucey, a former news researcher for the Sun-Sentinel, put together a great list on his website covering the most popular stories from a variety of news outlets’ websites for the year. These can either provide an insight into what drives online traffic, or showcase how people read some wacky stuff on the Internet.

Below are a few, but for the complete list, visit Lucey’s site.

  • The New York Times: “Sustainable Love.” The article details how marriages are best when each person gains something from the other. For example: The husband could gain a new flat screen TV from the wife, the wife could gain freedom from watching sports. Perfect.
  • The Wall Street Journal: “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” Tiger mom! We’re not surprised by this at all. The article has over 8,800 comments. Most of the comments express shock with the article’s premise, quite a few agree, and some — sigh — are in all caps.
  • The New York Daily News: “Giant Rat Killed By Pitchfork in Marcy Houses.” That link doesn’t include the picture of the rat, which, if you never saw, please click here. Sorry about the nightmares you’re about to have.