Book Party Invite With Crack on Politico Playbook

WCP Managing Editor Mike Madden sent out a book party invitation last week that included a slight ribbing on Politico Mike Allen’s Playbook. The book party for Monocle‘s North American Editor Sasha Issenberg is tonight at The Passenger (1021 7th St. NW). It’s not going to be a fancy affair with canapes as you’ll see below – cocktails and beer is more like it. Issenberg’s upcoming e-book is: Rick Perry and his Eggheads: Inside the Brainiest Political Operation in America. His first book was The Sushi Economy.

People of Washington —

If you read past the birthday announcements in this morning’s Playbook, you will have seen the news that Crown is publishing an e-book by Sasha Issenberg next week called “Rick Perry and his Eggheads: Inside the Brainiest Political Operation in America,” a chapter from The Victory Lab, his book on the use of experimentation and social science techniques in political campaigns that comes out next fall. (Apparently this Perry fellow is running for president or something; haven’t read or seen much coverage of him anywhere.)

The etiquette on e-book parties is still evolving, so rather than try to puzzle out who should host and what kind of canapés are appropriate for the occasion, Tracy Sefl and I figured we’d just invite you all to happy hour to toast Sasha. Please join us on Monday, Aug. 22, at 6:30 p.m. at The Passenger — the book comes out on Tuesday, Aug. 23, so bring your iPad along if you want to download it at the stroke of midnight. PDFs of Sasha’s signature may be available at the bar!

Feel free to invite any of the many Issenberg fans around town, in case we missed anyone.

See you Monday.

— Mike Madden