A Book Designer’s Incredible Vision for Books on the iPad

If you care about the future of books and the impact iPad and other technology may have, you MUST take a good look at this–what? Post? Article?–piece of writing by designer, blogger and thinker about books Craig Mod. It’s difficult to begin to describe how incredible this piece is, including images like the one above (which we hope Mr. Mod doesn’t mind us using–it’s his work).

Mod has worked as a designer of beautiful book objects, so for him the way books have been presented on smartphones has been unsatisfactory, completely ignoring the book’s original format. While iPad makes more accurate representations of physical books possible, it still creates a different experience.

Here’s an example of the kind of really smart thinking to be found in this piece: “Take something as fundamental as pages, for example. The metaphor of flipping pages already feels boring and forced on the iPhone. I suspect it will feel even more so on the iPad. The flow of content no longer has to be chunked into ‘page’ sized bites. One simplistic reimagining of book layout would be to place chapters on the horizontal plane with content on a fluid vertical plane”

Go get a cup of coffee and then sit down in front of your screen for a while. This is smart stuff and everyone should be tuning in.

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