A Blog Talking About Blogging: Armageddon Is Upon Us

Round these internetery parts, it seems like everyone is gravitating towards having a blog of some kind. You own a bait and tackle shop? It’s imperative that you have a blog dedicated to the exciting world of selling both a) bait and b) tackle. But related to this here audience (see how this writer is starting off with the completely unrelated topic, then bringing it around — that’s called “super cool writing ability,” friends), design firms, ad agencies, and independent designers, seem to be moving in that direction, like everyone else. Beyond your portfolio, a blog is just another way of showing who you are and what your motivation is. And clients, not to mention the general public, seem to flock to the ones that are doing it the right way. So, are you? That question leads, of course, to you reading the new book by DL Byron and Steve Broback, “Publish & Prosper: Blogging for Your Business.” It’s a terrific read and a lot of its focus is toward creative firms who have branched out into the market with their own material, all thanks to their blogs. So is it time to either a) start one or b) figure out what exactly you’re doing? Maybe in between selling those new high end tackle boxes.