A Big Metal Box By Any Other Name


Whenever this writer reads one of these kinds of essays, there’s a
little sigh of relief breathed out. This time it came from Ideas on
Ideas’ newest piece “Think
,” and is all about that old debate of PC vs. Mac, which
began well before the birth of the first dinosaur. The refreshing
thing about the essay is that they stand up to their own community and say, “We wanted to be like you, but we can’t. We’re sticking with our PCs.” And that’s the way this writer has always been. Starting from an IBM PS2-Model 25 (and a Commodore Vic-20, if you want to get all technical about it), he’s always been a PC person. When he started getting interested in production, he said, “Okay, if I’m going to be serious about making a go of this, I’ll need to get a Mac, because that’s what they use in the industry” and a small fortune was spent buying a fancy G4. What happened? The thing didn’t do what his PC could, so it sat there, unused, and was eventually sold. He uses Macs at work and really enjoys them there, and in freelance jobs has used ones so tweaked out that they’d make you drool, but they just don’t do it for him and the flak continues among his peers. So it’s nice to read this “sticking up for yourself” type of thing and hearing “really, it isn’t that big of a deal.” Bravo! (now you may commence throwing tomatoes)