A Belated Happy Birthday To Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

This simple infographic from Viral Media Solutions has a smattering of some of the most interesting Twitter statistics from the past five years, as a belated birthday present for the company. Check it out below.

Did you know that there are, on average, 350 million tweets sent per day? And there are even more searches done… a total of 1.6 billion per day.

The infographic has other interesting stats about Twitter’s usage as well, but I’m partial to the content breakdown. I’m not sure where they got their numbers, but according to ViralMS, 39.6 percent of tweets are pointless babble. Another 37.6 percent is conversational, while only 4 percent is news-related (the same percentage as is spam, coincidentally).

The infographic also shares the 5 most-active Twitter moments, when the tweets per second (TPS) were highest in Twitter’s past. And you can check out some of the uprisings that have been helped by communication on Twitter.

The full infographic is available for your browsing pleasure below: