A Belated Happy Birthday to Douglas Engelbart! Inventor of the Mouse & Personal Computing as we Know It

YouTube video courtesy of InnovationSRI

As some of us anxiously await the Apple iPad or any number of interesting slate/tablet type devices set to launch this year, let’s wish a belated happy birthday to the man who work in the 1960s influenced, directly or indirectly, nearly every aspect of personal computing as we know it today.

Honoring a creative force in high tech: Douglas Engelbart turns 85 (Mercury News)

I strongly recommend taking the time to watch the embedded video above. It is from a 1968 demo by Dr. Engelbart. You can see him demoing the mouse, a graphical interface (with video overlay), text editing, and even expanding hierarchical lists.

We often toss the word “visionary” around. Some people deserve to be called one. Others are questionable. There is, however, no question that Douglas Engelbart is a true visionary.

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