A Bargain At Any Price

The verdict is that Norah O’Donnell, newly promoted as MSNBC’s chief Washington correspondent, would be worth a lot more if she was single. But we’ll get back to that.

Saturday night saw a cross-section of D.C.’s elite turn out at the Kalorama home of D.C.’s Reigning It Couple, Jeffrey and Juleanna Glover-Weiss, she newly of the Ashcroft Group. While guests in the elegant home nibbled on sushi, desserts, and elaborate finger food and sipped on wine and scrumptious pineapple martinis, the charity silent auction featured sports tickets, restaurant gift certificates, DVDs, vacations, and memorabilia (including 2005 Presidential Inauguration cufflinks donated by former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie), the centerpoint of the auction were a series of “Power Lunches” with media stars and superstars.

The closing bids at the end of the evening:

Juan Williams – $250
Morton Kondracke – $250
Al Hunt – $250
Jonathan Karl – $250
Andrea Koppel – $250
Tucker Carlson – $300
Sam Donaldson – $300
Norah O’Donnell – $1,000
George Stephanopolous – $1,000

One guest bid $1,500 for the lunch with O’Donnell at Chef Geoff’s, but then crossed it out when someone pointed out that she was married. Dude, we know that the dating scene isn’t great, but even in Washington there’s got to be a cheaper and easier way to meet women.

The benefit charity auction, honoring Hortons Kids, a D.C. group that provides tutoring and mentoring for children in Anacostia neighborhood, raised over $25,000.

UPDATE: A tipster reminds of a critical detail that we left out: “Not only is Norah O’Donnell married, she’s married to the owner of Chef Geoff’s, the restaurant where her lunch is to take place. So even if the bidder had decided to pony up the money and test her fidelity, chances are a giant leg of lamb flung from the kitchen would have knocked him cold before he could make his move.”