A 64GB iPhone? For People Who Really Want Their Entire Music Library with Them

Video courtesy of micgadget
The M.I.C. (Made In China) Gadget blog often discusses knock-off copy-cat products. However, they claim that the photos and video of an iPhone 4 with 64GB of storage is an actual Apple device.
Exclusive: 64GB iPhone 4 Hands-on & Video!
Apple’s iPhone 4 line currently tops out with 32GB of storage. However, their iPod touch line already has a 64GB model. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 64GB iPhone 4 or, more likely, an iPhone 5 shows up this summer. There is a strong desire among some people to carry their entire music collection with them. A number of people have mentioned to me, for instance, that they like their Windows Phone 7 device but find 8 or 16GB of storage too confining. A friend who owns a 32GB iPhone 4 recently bought a 160GB iPod classic to deal with his music storage needs.