_Prism Puzzle Game Launches on iOS

_Prism challenges players to manipulate shapes to reveal the powerful cores within.

Puzzle game _Prism has officially launched on iOS. The game is the first to come out of the Stugan games accelerator, and was created by artist Clint Siu. Siu came up with the idea for _Prism with the goal of entering the Stugan program and learning more about game development. The game challenges players to manipulate shapes to reveal the powerful cores within.

In each level of _Prism, players are presented with a shape and a variety of prompts which may ask them to drag dots along lines, move and/or rotate entire dot formations to match patterns on the shape, and so on. Players must explore each shape by dragging their finger on the screen to find prompts and make progress.

Each time players complete a prompt, the shape changes in some way (sections may be removed, or the overall formation may change shape, as examples). Eventually, players’ actions will reveal the core of the object, which releases its power into a larger shape back on the level menu. Levels are split into groups, revolving around these larger shapes.

_Prism is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. The game contains 13 levels, and contains around an hour of gameplay. Players can take pictures within the game while they play, and share them with others on social media.