9GAG, AMC The Walking Dead Social Game, Hay Day and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for app pages

9GAG is this week’s no. 1 PTAT gainer for app pages on Facebook, according to our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.. The image-based website has integration with Facebook as well as an official iPhone app. It currently has 5.4 million monthly active users.

We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1   9GAG 1,654,553 -62,390 +364,504
2   AMC The Walking Dead Soci… 373,805 +3,150 +348,439
3   Hay Day 190,390 +7,786 +167,559
4   DoubleDownCasino 270,678 +9,061 +166,488
5   Love Quotes 247,984 +6,312 +101,073
6   Social Empires 102,568 +13,009 +85,890
7   Tarjetitas 792,641 +114,949 +73,570
8   YouVersion 378,140 +23,382 +68,334
9   Dragon City 367,293 -1,729 +66,115
10   Candy Crush Saga 614,534 +12,342 +55,797


As a meme website, 9GAG uses similar content that would be shared on its website on its Facebook Page. This type of content often goes viral, which is a big reason why the page is No. 1 this week.

At No. 2, AMC The Walking Dead Social Game saw a strong increase in engagement due to a post about the third season of the television show. Having a large following, the post saw over 50k shares helping to bolster its PTAT for the week. However, the game has been declining in monthly  active users since November.

No. 3 on the list, the iOS app Hay Day has 3 million monthly active users. The app page makes good use of calls to action to get fans to engage with posts, such as the one below.

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