$99 fitbit Tells You a Lot More Than a Pedometer

Photo courtesy of fitbit

I’ve always been interested in gizmos that can tell me things about what I and other people are doing. I went through a bunch of bicycle computers back in the days when I practically lived on one (didn’t have a car for a stretch). And, of course, I went through a bunch of pedometers (none of them really seemed to measure things correctly). My favorite feature in the new 5th generation iPod nano is its pedometer (no, really!). I recall reading about the fitbit last year. And, as TechCrunch announced…

It Took A Year, But Fitness Gadget Fitbit Will Finally Launch

This $99 device tells you a lot more than a pedeometer does. In addition to step and calorie information, it can apparently even tell you things like how long it took you to fall asleep. It has a wireless base station (see photo above) that downloads data from the fitbit when within 15 feet of the device.

It looks like fitbit has a flat $10 USPS Priorty Mail shipping fee bringing the total cost to $109. Only Visa and Mastercard though. No Amex, Discover or Paypal payment option.