94 Seconds (iOS/Android) review

IMG_220194 Seconds is a mobile game from Scimob. It’s available now for both iOS and Android devices, and is currently enjoying a feature spot in the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store front page. This review is based on the iOS version.

94 Seconds is a simple word game in which players are given 94 seconds to give as many answers as possible to a series of questions. The questions all take the form of a simple category description and a letter with which the player must start their answer. Answers must be typed in manually using the device’s keyboard — on iOS, this supports autocorrect to help with spelling, on Android it will depend on what keyboard software the device is running — and entered as quickly as possible. The player is continuously bombarded with new questions until the time limit expires, at which point their performance is evaluated.

A single point is given for a well-known, “obvious” correct answer. Two points are given for answers that are still correct, but which are less frequently given. No points are given for incorrect answers or skipped questions — skipping questions also costs the player a few seconds of time.

To help the player with finding the best words and scoring as many points as possible, they have access to four different “Joker” powerups. The first of these allows the user to enter a “combo” of answers for a single question, thereby allowing themselves a potentially large number of points. The second shows the upcoming categories and letters for a limited period so the user can plan ahead. The third immediately gives a correct answer. The fourth shows four possible answers, only one of which is correct. Each joker may only be used once per game, and the player is limited to using ten in total unless they make a $0.99 in-app purchase. Jokers can also be acquired for free by rating the app, watching videos, downloading sponsored apps and checking out other titles by Scimob.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 3.18.13 PMBesides jokers, the game also offers a selection of other in-app purchases, though these are all of a “one-off” nature. For $0.99, the player may also either remove ads from the game or add 10 additional question categories to the game as well as unlock unlimited use of jokers. For $1.99, the player may purchase the “Premium Package” which not only includes all the content from the three $0.99 packs, but also unlocks a training mode in which players can practice without time pressure — though in this case, their scores will not be recorded.

Social features for the game include Game Center support — though oddly this doesn’t include leaderboard functionality, only achievements — and Facebook connectivity for competing against friends. Setting new records or earning achievements also allows the player to share the good news via email, SMS/iMessage, Twitter or Facebook complete with a link to download the free version of the app.

94 Seconds is simple to understand, but it’s also a lot of fun, surprisingly challenging and immensely competitive. It’s also nice to see an original idea in a mobile game rather than a slight twist on a well-established formula. It’s a solid game that deserves to do well, and hopefully its feature spot in the App Store will help it to achieve some of that success.


An original, challenging word game that gets very competitive when played with friends.