94% of Companies Do Not Use Social Media For User Feedback

In a recent survey companies expressed interest in customer satisfaction and feedback only very few had online strategies or presences. Are corporations being too slow to respond or is their heads in the sand?

Seems like everyone is on Twitter or Facebook. TV commercials asking to go to Facebook pages, stores asking for you to check-in.

Within a world of GroupOn deals, online gaming, and content galore it seems unimaginable that any company would fight against an online presence, yet surprisingly for the bigger picture all the content and user feedback that is being exchanged online is not being used and falls on deaf ears.

A recent study from MarketTools showed that most companies are still using traditional channels for grabbing information. In the study 92% of respondents thought that satisfied customers were important but less than 43% actively seek customer feedback and close to 22% only solicited feedback once a year (or not at all).

94% of Companies Do Not Use Social Media for Customer Feedback

Of executives taking part in MarketTools study, 14% answered they don’t solicit customer feedback at all while 16% of customers in general have tweeted or reached out via a social media channel, negatively.

56% of Companies Surveyed Do Not Have Formal Programs for Feedback

Even while acknowledging the important of customer satisfaction and feedback and knowing that a company did not currently have a social media strategy in place, 46% of executives surveyed still placed their company in the top 10% of their industry for customer satisfaction.

All Talk?

Seems like, while companies hide from social media their ignorance is inflated. They aren’t on social media platforms, aren’t actively seeking feedback online, yet think their service still ranks superior.

Even with evolution of media, accordingly to MarketTools the most common ways to gather customer feedback still are:

  • Email/ online surveys: 51%
  • Phone surveys: 28%
  • Informal Phone calls: 28%

What’s really interesting is if companies are fiscally minded, they can quickly find that social media interaction can be faster and cheaper to get good feedback.

For the detailed report, click here.

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