Building Taken Back by Lender, Chelsea Art Museum Cries Foul

More news on the Chelsea Art Museum front. Despite a decision to make a few needed bucks as a Fashion Week venue during their self-imposed “temporarily shut down” last month, it appears that the hurdles keep growing for the indebted organization. The Wall Street Journal reports that the museum “failed to meet a bankruptcy-court deadline” and thus the deed for its property has been handed over to the property’s lender, Hudson Realty Capital, essentially taking the building completely out of the hands of the museum and its founder, Dorothea Keeser. The paper reports that Keeser has argued that the lender hadn’t first gone into foreclosure proceedings, and that they had also found a new buyer for the building, which their original bankruptcy filing had stipulated as a requirement for buying them some time. However, even with a deadline extension, the museum still missed the dates they were to bring the buyer forward. Now it appears the next long step will be this legal battle. Though even if Keeser and the Chelsea comes out winning the case, they’ll still be in the same precarious financial position they were before. We’re not yet ready to make the mistake we made back in 2008 when we predicted that the museum was on its last breaths, but the bad news certainly has been piling on of late.