93.9% of Mobile Device Users on Boingo Hotspots Using iPhone or iPod touch

From TUAW…

iPhone dominates Boingo airport access study

This is one of those semi-statistical reports that I’m not quite sure what to think of. Boingo reports that of the people using their WiFi hotspots from mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs, etc — but not notebooks or netbooks), 89.2% used iPhones while 4.7% used iPod touch-es (93.9% total). Nokia S60 N & E Series phones accounted for 4.8% leaving the remaining 1.3% to platforms like Window CE (Windows Mobile), Android and BlackBerry.

On one hand this seems very interesting since Boingo is open to anyone willing to pay for their service while firms like AT&T and T-Mobile mostly cater to their own customers. On the other hand, I would guess that Boingo’s customer based is probably a bit more technically sophisticated that people who use mobile phone carriers’ WiFi hotspots.

The most interesting point to me, though, was that Windows Mobile users accounted for 66% of mobile device WiFi users on Boingo’s network in 2007 and have dropped to 0.2% as of the January through May period of 2009.