9/11: New York Remembers Revisited

In case you missed any of our special feature 9/11: New York Remembers, today we’re observing the 10th anniversary of the tragic day linking back to the entire series.

  • After an introduction, we began on August 19 with the memories of famed anchors Ernie Anastos, Bill Ritter, and Chuck Scarborough.
  • On Monday, August 22, we returned with one-time WABC/Channel 7 reporter Jeff Rossen describing the horrific scene at ground zero.
  • Longtime WINS reporter John Montone had his own struggles dealing with the disaster.
  • On August 24, we offered the account of two veteran NY1 reporters.
  • Tom Kaminski, well-known to WCBS-AM listeners for his chopper reporting, was in the air during 9/11.
  • Another well-known radio personality is Harry Harrison who, with his familiar style, was an important part of the healing process.

Photo courtesy of 911memorial.org