9 Reasons Why You Should Be In Love with Twitter Lists

As much we love meeting people on Twitter, but we can’t deny the clutter sometimes is driving us crazy! We need an organizer, a superhero to filter the noise for us – that’s why Twitter Lists is introduced! 20 lists available for each Twitter account with a maximum of 500 people per list. Sounds good! However many are intimidated by the overwhelming effort they need to put in while creating the lists so they give up.

Quitting on Twitter Lists is not an option especially if you have goals to achieve in social networking. Instead of wasting your time, you can easily earn back the benefits with a regulated and manageable Twitter account. Here are 9 reasons why you should be In Love but not intimidated by Twitter Lists:

1. Restructure Your Twitter Network

Twitter Lists force you to be organized with your Twitter account. Instead of a huge following number with random updates sending your way, clear the clutter so you won’t overlook any tweets that required your attention and from those who matter. You won’t have to deal with undecided mind of whether or not to unfollow someone. Events and information can now have a new grouping method instead of ‘hashtags’ all the time. Isn’t that exciting?

2. Organize Company Network to Fulfill Customer’s Needs

Companies and organizations can now aggregate their staffs to fit in a list. Customers can easily reach them for further details and feedback. Such division can make the follow up easier according to respective field and expertise. Besides, it’s a lot easier to locate them under a verified brand name to avoid fakers.

3. Reputation Management

With Twitter Lists you can know instantly if anyone puts you in a group with unfavorable name. Some friends may try to be funny and use a sarcastic name on the group; you wouldn’t want to be misjudged by your clients do you? On the other hand, this is also a great way to review your position in the hearts of others.

4. Alternative for 2k Following Limit

Good news for some who are reaching the 2k following limit. They can now have the lists created to manage the additional contacts until their follower number is closing up to 2k. Besides, following a list is just like subscription and no harm done to your existing following limit.

5. Reconnect with Long Lost Contacts

I don’t know about you but I’m certain I have left some people out in the process of following more tweeps. They don’t appear as often and sometimes none at all due to a busy tweet-stream. Rediscovering the long lost contacts can be just as important since relationship-building is never easy. Why throw that all away?

6. Acknowledge Tweeps Effectively

Recommending friends in your Twitter network can never be easier and effortless. For those who are constantly worried about forgetting a name in #FollowFriday, Twitter Lists can make sure a full list delivered. Users can now have more time to work on descriptive reasons to follow these people instead of a random tweet of multiple names. Not to mention, the Twitter Lists are there to stay on the main site and can be referred to anytime.

7. Meet Like Minded People from Trustworthy Individuals

We can now meet people with similar interests conveniently through the lists introduced by our trusted friends. While some presume the existence of Twitter Lists will reduce our following numbers, I’m actually excited to add some more to mine! Think about the niche content and the potential tweeps you get to meet. Not to mention all the real time results related to our fields and a tighter network – these are all possible with Twitter Lists.

8. Locate Potential Customers

One thing that makes Twitter Lists special is the manual configuration by Twitter users. Not only marketers can now locate potential customers geographically but also based on the group name given. For example, if one is looking for Mommy group, the ‘Supermoms’ or ‘mommy pals’ lists will pretty much give them out. Market surveyors can now identify customer’s behavior better by knowing what other items they are interested in based on lists created publicly.

9. A Check on Your Twitter Influence & Authority

Twitter Lists can be a new influence indicator for Twitter. Not that we are encouraging people to be in as many lists as possible, but ‘the reasons why people are enlisting you’ and ‘who are they’ are much more important. For instance, a list by Mashable with your name on ‘social media ally’ worth thousands’ times more than 100 lists of spamming accounts. So find out how people define your character in the network by reviewing the lists you’re on. Are you satisfied with your branding so far?

I’m sure there are a lot more reasons why one should take Twitter Lists seriously. So what is your take with this new added feature in your Twitter account? What have you experienced after forming your Twitter Lists?