9 Brands that Kicked Off Summer on #MemorialDay Social Media Style


Despite any proclivity there may be in the world to resist the commercialization of Memorial Day, the push to sell mattresses, cars, and stuff will always happen on this day.

Why? Summer has arrived and all is right with the world. It’s in the air. People want to go out, spend money, and forget how difficult school and being stuffed in a cubicle can really feel.

Sunblock and swim suits, grills for the house and your teeth, and that convertible is starting to look all the more tempting this time of the year. Naturally, there are some brands that kick off the summer festivities better than others. And for your reading pleasure, your friends at PRNewser has nine that did it just right.

playskool1. Playskool

Come on! Who doesn’t equate the beginning of with road trips? The fun, the reading games, and who can forget the “Mom? Are we there yet?” whines from the back seat. Ah, such good times. Makes you want to pull your hair out just thinking about it, right?

Hit up the all-things-kids company on Facebook and share the memories.

2. Trident

In a word, nice!


Top Gear3. Top Gear

Yes, as in the car show on crack seen on the History Channel and BBC America. That ‘Top Gear.’ Well, when you hit the beach with your friends, you have to get there in something, right? You know? Because the train just doesn’t feel the same dragging around a cooler.

So, ‘Top Gear’ asks the obvious question, “What’s the ultimate grilling car?” And anyone who doesn’t say “A pickup” just hasn’t been to Texas…or um, wherever you live.

4. Knorr

Makes ya’ hungry just looking at it, right? Of course, the steak is still on the grill so calm down.

5. Royal Caribbean

We ain’t mad at ya’, Royal Caribbean. You have a tall mountain to climb in the world of PR, but your season is now. All aboard.


hasbro game  night6. Hasbro Game Night

Do you have kids? Are you a kid at heart? Still live in your mom’s basement?

Whatever works, Hasbro had the answer for you on Facebook because no suitcase is complete without a little something for the ride. Just look at that packing job? Nothing is missing, except maybe the money to get that timeshare in Ixtapa.

Dream big, kids.

7. New York Jets

Yes, even the J – E – T – S, Jets! Jets! Jets! can overcome the offseason doldrums with a nicely timed tweet featuring some PicStitch skills. Let’s go football!


8. Shock Top

Seriously. Need we caption any more? Holler at them on Facebook and keep the conversation going.


9. Chick-Fil-A

And while you are salivating for some of the aforementioned adult beverages, you may need something for your tummy as well. And may we say, bravo for not forcing a cow in the picture. Due respect to PETA and Vegans, but on Memorial Day, the only we want to see is medium well … and, you get the point.

Happy summer everyone!