HuffPo Contributor Assails LA Times Architecture Critic

Tempest in a 9/11 teapot? LA Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne definitely seems to think so.

Over the weekend, Huffington Post contributor and CEO Steve Rosenbaum took issue with the way Hawthorne described New York City’s Ground Zero memorial in an August 12 review. He argued that the mention in the fourth paragraph of a “sliver” of a museum opening in the fall of 2012 was inaccurate, since that sliver is actually the tip of a gigantic, underground structure. Writes Rosenbaum:

As a documentarian who’s spent the past five years at the site, and stood inside the massive, cavernous, powerful museum space–I know firsthand that Hawthorne simply misunderstood the project.

It’s understandable. Many New Yorkers are only faintly aware of the scope or emotional power of a project being built under the Memorial Plaza at what was known as Ground Zero… But misinforming the public isn’t the job of the press.

Via email, Hawthorne told Rosenbaum that his description was referring only to the above-ground portion of the museum building. The HuffPo writer seems to have a better case with the other half of his objection, namely that the LA Times has the wrong design firm linked to the museum in that same fourth paragraph.

[Photo credit: Carolyn Cole, LA Times]