88 Worldwide Tumblr Meetups are Scheduled: How You Can Tweet Your Way There

How do we know when something like Tumblr is extra hot? When Tumblr people are taking the time not only to interact on the internet, but also in person by physically attending Tumblr Meetups. Bloggers are meeting each other all over the world, and Tumblr is encouraging users to organize their own meetups to socialize and network with their followers. And if one social media element is at play, we can bet that Twitter will be useful too — here’s why and how Twitter makes Tumblr Meetups even more accessible.

Tumblr is on a popularity high this summer, so it’s only natural that people are starting to mobilize physically, as well as virtually, as a result of the platform. These Tumblr Meetups are a global phenomenon — 88 and counting are scheduled, in locations as diverse as famed United Kingdom amusement park Thorpe Park to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tumblr provides pages for users to RSVP to these Meetups and make comments about why they can or can’t make it and to generate general excitement for the event. But for most people who are well-connected enough to consider attending a Tumblr Meetup, the added dimension of promotional tweets would get the momentum going even more.

Any Tumblr blogger is invited to create their own public event to meet other bloggers and apply for official Tumblr approval and a media kit. But here are some ways that Twitter

1) Send out a few tester tweets to see how many people in your area are interested in a Meetup.

2) Tweet to advertise your Meetup so you get as diverse and committed a group of attendees as possible.

3) Tweet to see how much scope your Tumblr blog topic has. Maybe you’ve confined yourself to Tumblr posts in the past, but now you can take the opportunity to let the Twitter-sphere hear what you have to say. If you can translate your Tumblr interests onto Twitter, then you can probably translate them into a live-person Meetup, too.

Would you attend a Tumblr Meetup?