86% of Mobile Internet Users are Surfing (and Tweeting!) While Watching TV [Stats]

Do you tweet while watching Glee? Did you pontificate in 140-characters during the State of the Union address? Apparently, nearly 90% of Americans who use mobile internet are using it while watching TV. So if you are multi-tasking writing a tweet, keeping up with a hashtag chat and watching the latest star get kicked off a reality show, just know that you’re not alone.

Twitter has been intrinsically tied to the entertainment industry ever since Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to reach a 1 million follower count back in 2009. Since then, it has been the go-to place for celebrities to interact with their fans, announce births, marriages and separations, and start gossipy rumors about one another.

And it just makes sense that people would be logging in to check their Twitter timeline during the hottest shows on TV.

Yahoo! Advertising Solutions took a look at how people use their mobile internet, and found out that they do indeed use it. A lot.

86% of mobile internet users, and 92% of those aged 13-24, are using their smartphones while they watch TV. And 40% of this time is spent on social networks, which includes Twitter.

Twitter itself is onto this growing trend: Dick Costolo told All Thing D’s Kara Swisher that mobile Twitter use now makes up 40% of all tweets, and that people are surging to the microblogging platform when shows like Glee are live.

Costolo said that the company isn’t sure whether to offer more Twitter integration within TVs or to approach this trend another way, but the stats don’t lie: people want to tweet while they watch.