843,432 or 869,819?

One of those numbers is the average daily circulation for the LAT over the past six months. E&P reports the lower number; the LAT press release uses the higher one, though as noted by L.A. Observed, LAT reporters used the lower number. We can only conclude that these 26,387 newspapers are caught in some sort of purgatorial netherland between circulation and non-circulation.

Anyway, LAT circulation is still in decline, but not as sharply as, say, that of the San Francisco Chronicle, which lost 16.5% of its readership over the past six months. And as publisher Jeffrey Johnson notes in the press release, the LAT‘s average daily decline rate for this most recent reporting period was about half of what it was for the reporting period just prior.

So: not great news for newspapers in general, but it could have been worse for the LAT. No matter which number is right.