8 Truths About Baseball Fans On Facebook

Here are eight patterns shown among baseball fans on Facebook, as culled by the data team at the social network.

Baseball season is finally upon us once again, and the data team at Facebook has come up with patterns shown among fans of the sport on Facebook. Here are eight trends.

1. Oakland A’s Fans Have Most Friends

Fans of the Oakland Athletics have an average of over 500 friends on the social network. It’s notable that they top the list with fans whose median distance are the greatest away from their home field; diehard A’s fans are found up to over 300 miles away from their Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Here’s to high hopes for your pitching rotation this year A’s fans. (Unfortunately for the Florida Marlins, you will not find many fans 30 miles beyond their often empty stadium.)

2. A Social Bunch

The average supporter of the sport has around 300 friends on Facebook. While As fans have the most friends, the Nationals are the team whose fans have on average the second largest friend lists on the social network, with a common number estimated at around 450 friends. I guess the more people around to help cope with those rough losses the better. I

3. Phillies Fans Most Loyal

The Philadelphia Phillies lead the league in fan loyalty: Fans of the team are least likely to also be fans of any other team. he City of Brotherly Love also travels in herds. Some 60 percent of those who root for the team have friends that are fans as well.

4. Women Prefer Cardinals

No team has women accounting for more than 40 percent of its fans. St. Louis Cardinals dominates, with two out of every five Facebook fans of the team being female. Lets see if the ladies can potentially help persuade Albert Pujols to stay in town for a couple more years. On the opposite end, ladies stray far away from the Blue Jays – at least on Facebook. According to the data team’s findings, male fans of Toronto’s team outnumber female fans by almost three-to-one.

5. Rangers Fans Are Most Conservative

If you are looking for teams with the most conservative fans, you’ll find them in Texas. The Rangers top the list with nearly half of their fans leaning towards to right in politics. The polar opposite of that: the Giants in San Francisco has the fewest fans who label their political views on Facebook as conservative.

6. Yankees Are Most Liked

The ever popular Yankees do have the largest number of likes on the social network; 3 million Yanks fans have expressed their love on the social network. Let’s see how the team does on the mound without Andy Petite this season.

7. Red Sox Fans Are Most Spread Out

Red Sox loyalists sure spread out well across the nation. While fans of the team are predominantly found on the east coast, they do spread out west just as quickly. The team also just trails the Yankees in total number of Facebook fans with well over 2 million.

8. World Series Teams Lead Post Season

Despite the low ratings on television, post season data is also included in this Facebook data analysis. On the bandwagon, it is no surprise to that come the post season last year the number of fans for the Giants and Rangers skyrocketed.

Readers, how do you fit in with these trends among Facebook baseball fans?

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