8 Tips To Get Your Marketing Started on Google+

It has been only two weeks since the soft launch of Google’s social networking site, Google+, but already it has 10 million users. That is small compared to Facebook’s 750 million, but wise marketers should join this network early, before the crowds.
With the announcement that businesses will be able to participate on Google+ earlier than expected, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help get you and your clients on the popular platform ASAP.

1.    Be prepared. Have your brand’s profile ready and put up as soon as permitted.
2.    Update your content on various media sites. Google+ has a smoother design to integrate feeds from multiple sources, so review your content on YouTube, Twitter, and other social sites. It should be up-to-date and relevant.
3.    Keep an open mind. It may seem like just another task on a lengthy to-do list, but Google+ can prove valuable in new ways. Don’t begin by thinking in the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn mindset.
4.    Take advantage of improved editing control. Facebook’s limited status editing, which only offers deletion, is expanded on Google+, to allow changes to updates once posted.
5.    Get your brand’s name out there now while everyone is in love with the site. Once glitches or aggravations come about, the public will be loud and vocal about Google’s failings.
6.    Make your name as a Google+ pioneer. Just as Ford Motor Company has been heralded as the first company on Google+, use early adoption as proof of your social media credibility.
7.    Add rapidly to your circles. People who are using Google+ are spending a lot of time on the network to get better acquainted. Search for those you know, and don’t know, to follow.
8.    Finally, enjoy the process. This tool is in its infancy, so use other’s mistakes to learn the best practices, and have fun while you are at it.