8 Optical Illusion Videos That Will Boggle Your Mind

Everything is not always as it seems. Sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us in optical illusions that make us believe we are seeing one thing when we are really looking at something else entirely. Optical illusions can frustrate and confuse us, make us think in new ways and even give us a headache, but they sure are fun to look at! Here are seven great optical illusion videos to boggle your mind and make you look at things from a whole new perspective.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage [Official Video]

Golden Cage’s music video for ‘The Whitest Boy Alive’ takes us on a four-minute journey through all kinds of fun optical illusions, from impossible objects to color illusions, wordplay and more. This video provides a great overview of optical illusions and some great music to boot!

10 Optical Illusions In 2 Minutes

To promote their SOUL mobile phone in 2008, Samsung put together a clip presenting ten optical illusions in two minutes. A guy runs around a warehouse and shows us all sorts of nifty illusions in this fast-paced, mind-bending clip.

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions!

Uploaded just two days ago, this is the newest addition to YouTube’s collection of amazing optical illusion clips, with just over 118,000 views so far. The video showcases a variety of cool illusions created using Photoshop and Lightwave 3D. My personal favorite is the spinning head that begins at 0:18.

Amazing Fire Illusion!

Watch as a bunch of candles laid out on the floor turn into a 3D standing cube in this cool illusion.

Crazy Cube Illusion!

This illusion is similar to the Amazing Fire Illusion in that we think we see a cube when, in reality, we are seeing something else entirely. This illusion is actually made with tape in a hallway, but when looked at from a certain angle we are sure we are looking at a floating cube.

Face Optical Illusion

This illusion is actually pretty creepy. An inverted paining of a face appears to follow us, look at us and even change expression when looked at from different angles. Be careful – he’s watching you!

Julian Beever Chalk Drawings

If you haven’t seen the chalk street drawings of Julian Beever yet, prepare to be wowed! Beever makes incredible sidewalk drawings with chalk that, when looked at from the correct angle appear to be very realistic and 3D. I would love to see one of these amazing drawings in person.

Illusions from Bill Nye

A collection of videos about the science of the mind, or any kind of science for that matter, wouldn’t be complete without a clip from Bill Nye the Science Guy. This clip from ‘The Brain Episode” features Jerry Andress, who takes us through several neat optical illusions including Box Impossible, the Bending Tube and the Space Warper.

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