8% of French Have Read an eBook

Results were released from an Ipsos/Livres Hebdo survey yesterday which showed that 61% of respondents had heard of eBooks, and about 8% had read one. This poll was based on a survey group of 3,000 French consumers, and was conducted a couple months ago. Unfortunately, there is still something discouraging eBooks in France. About half of those who had tried eBooks never finished their first one. It’s not clear why that happened, but it could be due to beginner’s troubles, lack of technical support, or any one of many reasons.

But on the upside, a similar poll conducted in September showed that only 5% of French consumers had tried eBooks, and only 47% had even heard of them. From 5% to 8% is a big increase for a span of only 4 months.

via eBouquin

image by Helen Lynn