How to Add Your Thermostat as a Friend [Infographic]

Check out these eight ingenious apps (and three really weird ones) that let you talk with your home from your smartphone.

Despite the fact that it may bend a little and maybe isn’t so great at making phone calls, your smartphone does make it easier to communicate in almost any other way. You can even start a conversation with your home.

Utopia Management, a property management company in California, has put together a roundup of eight home-centric apps that help you automate your abode right from your smartphone. From surveillance alerts to smarter temperature control to finding your lost remote, the infographic shows how we’re getting closer and closer to the Jetson’s lifestyle we were promised.

Check out the inforgraphic below to see how to start getting social with your home. And if you’re really automation-inclined, don’t miss the bonus app that monitors how much toilet paper is left on your roll. Yes, there’s an app for that.