76% of Bad App Reviews Are Due To Freezes: Apigee

Nobody likes an app that freezes or crashes, and it is no surprise that 96 percent of American mobile app users say that  frustration make them give an app a bad review. This is from a new report from mobile services company Apigee. The report found that 76 percent of mobile users have given bad reviews because the app froze, 71 percent gave a bad review because it crashed, 59 percent gave a bad review because it was too slow to respond.

According to the report, 44 percent of users will delete an app immediately if they don’t perform as expected, and 38 percent of people will delete the app if it freezes or takes longer than 30 seconds to load. Others complain about bad apps to friends and social networks. Interestingly, even though they might tell a friend about the bad experience, 27 percent of users say they’ll keep an app for a little bit longer if they have paid for it.

Not surprisingly, 98 percent of respondents said that they expect apps to perform well. That expectation fluctuates depending on what the app is supposed to do. For example, 74 percent of respondents said banking apps need to perform and 63 percent of respondents expect maps to perform well, whereas only 41 percent of respondents expect social media apps to do well.