75 Months Later, ‘Special Report’ Still Tops in its Timeslot

Six years and three months at the number one spot for Bret Baier.

The first quarter ratings for 2015 are in, and Fox News Channel’s standings compared to the other cable news networks should surprise no one. This extends to the DC-based “Special Report with Bret Baier,” which, according to Nielsen, has now been the top-rated cable show in the 6pm timeslot for 75 consecutive months. That covers Baier’s entire tenure as host of the show he took over from Brit Hume in 2009.

Baier has been in headlines recently for his reporting on Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” that went against the FNC zeitgeist on this issue. In an appearance on “Happening Now” Baier said that “Indiana’s law is different than the Federal law… and also different than 19 other states in how the law is written.” Other FNC hosts had been saying the law is similar to the Federal and existing state RFRA laws. Critics of the law say the wording, which Baier alluded too, will effectively allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT individuals under the veil of religious beliefs.

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