74% of Packers-Seahawks Google Searches Came Via Smartphone

Game-day data underscores mobile's emergence

During last Thursday’s Packers-Seahawks matchup, smartphones were used in 74 percent of Google searches about the game, per the Mountain View, Calif.-based digital giant. And 33 percent of football-related searches recently have come via mobile devices, too.

Those are two of the many stats that Google Inc. revealed today that may help advertisers score bigger gains among the football-loving demographic, which includes a growing number of women and Hispanics.

Women seem to be increasingly interested in the game, considering searches for National Football League women's apparel grew 20 percent since last year, according to Google’s report.

The report also included a survey-based analysis that found nearly 50 percent of Hispanics said they were "interested" or "very interested" in the NFL. And marketers are starting to capitalize on these trends, with the launch of women’s NFL apparel and a Hispanic Heritage campaign.

More generally, based on Google's search findings, pro football games are more popular than ever—65 percent more than the National Basketball Association and 152 percent higher than Major League Baseball. Thursday Night Football on CBS is particularly seeing momentum, with Google searches up 50 percent over last August.

On YouTube, fans are swarming to game highlights and animated GIFs. For instance, YouTube GIF activity has jumped by 10 times in the last year, Google says.

Meanwhile, the video site is also a big source of football video game content, such as EA Sports’ Madden NFL 15. EA Sports has even launched a campaign called Madden Giferator, which automatically generates GIFs based on NFL game action.