73% of Corporate Smartphones Are BlackBerrys

While the BlackBerry only recently started making strides in the consumer world, it clearly owns the corporate market. In a new corporate IT survey from ChangeWave, 73% of respondents said that their company smartphone is a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry8310Red_ATT1.jpgAccording to a Cellular-news story on the report, RIM didn’t gain any corporate market share over the prior quarter, but still managed to grow its lead over its chief competitor Palm. The survey has Palm with 18% of the corporate market, down 1% over the prior quarter.

Despite its reputation as a consumer device, Apple’s iPhone has managed to garner 5% of the corporate smartphone market. And that’s with only having been available for six months and through a single carrier. It will be interesting to see who slips on an Apple peel once all those third-party app developers can take advantage of the much-anticipated iPhone SDK.