71 Percent Of U.S. Web Users Are On Facebook

Infgraphic renderings of Facebook demographics by iStrategyLabs shows some things you already knew and a few surprises.

Just over 71 percent of U.S. web users have Facebook accounts, and the college-age demographic grew fastest this year, at 74 percent. Chicago ranks as the fastest growing city for Facebook use, up nearly 69 percent this year.

These are some of the highlights of iStrategyLabs‘ infographic rendering of Facebook demographics. The data also includes a lot of detail on U.S. government employees on the social network, and the fact that under one percent of armed forces members are gay. That compares with just over two percent of Facebook overall being gay according to the iStrategyLabs data, which gives me an opportunity to point out that the whole kibosh might not be a represenative sampling. I think the real trend there is that lots of nonheterosexuals don’t display their orientations on their Facebook profiles, given how coworkers and family members can see the data.

Having found one clue that demographic data presented on Facebook — and culled by iStrategyLabs — why stop at just one? The fastest growing data point out of all the items in this infographic is astronomical growh in “likes” of drugs, 1,133 percent if you round to the nearest whole digit.

The creator of the infographics is spot-on in saying that perhaps the overwhelming growth in drug liking has to do with the introduction of the new “like” structure on Facebook this year. Not that we haven’t seen other statistics showing substance abuse among Facebookers, as that’s a documented phenomeon. Maybe the things people put on their profiles don’t always yield perfectly objective demographic data, but rather what the users choose to have others see.

Readers, what do you make of the infographics from iStrategyLabs below?