71% of Irish Media Use Twitter as News Source

A recent poll suggests that the Irish media is having a love-affair with Twitter – 71 of 100 Irish journalists polled say they use Twitter as a news source or supporting material for articles they write.

Conducted by Kantar Media and the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, this study looked at Twitter’s growth within Irish media, and the results shouldn’t really surprise anyone who’s been on Twitter for any length of time.

References to Twitter in Irish print media stood at 16 total in January 2008. The researchers have counted a total of 2,058 in March 2011, just three years later.

The researchers say that recent studies put total Twitter penetration at about 4% of the population, which suggests that news professionals are using Twitter far more often than the average Irish citizen.

And what exactly are journalists talking about on Twitter? The research shows that they divide their time evenly between three major topics: entertainment (27%), politics (27%) and sports (28%). These topics shows up in equal proportions in the major broadsheet newspapers examined between January and March 2011.

Via SiliconRepublic