700MHz Wireless Mic Owners Need to Make Room for the Big Telcos By June 12

Way back in 2008, the U.S. FCC held an auction for the 700MHz spectrum. This spectrum was auctioned off in early 2008. A chunk of this spectrum used to make up the UHF television channels. And, a slice of it is still being used for television in the form of FloTV’s service (Qualcomm, which owns FloTV, was one of the auction winners). Other large companies like Verizon and AT&T were also big auction winners.

However, UHF TV was not the only thing serviced by this part of the wireless spectrum. It turns out that wireless microphones used in entertainment venues and other short range environments also used it. And, they will have to stop using it by June 12, 2010…

Broadcasting & Cable: FCC Votes to Prohibit Distribution and Sale of Wireless Mics Using 700 mHz

PC World: FCC Tells Wireless Mics to Get off 700MHz Spectrum Band

Wireless mic manufacturers are on the hook now to educate their customer base about this issue, get them off the 700MHz spectrum, and, presumably, sell them an alternative wireless mic technology. So, if your organization uses a wireless microphone, be sure to check which frequency it uses and budget to buy, install, and test a replacement system in the next couple of months.