70,000 Blogs Shutdown, But No One Knows Why

Last week a site called Blogetery.com was shutdown, along with the more than 70,000 blogs it hosted. Blogetery’s hosting company, BurstNet had to shutter the site, but there’s been very little reason given on why exactly the hosting site was shuttered other than it’s at the request of an unidentified law enforcement agency.

“(Blogetery) was terminated by request of law enforcement officials, due to material hosted on the server. We are limited as to the details we can provide to you, but note that this was a critical matter and the only available option to us was to immediately deactivate the server.”

The site that broke the story, TorrentFreak, hypothesized that the U.S. was stepping up against anti-piracy practices, and thought that could be the reason for the sudden closure. But CNET spoke with the agency that handles many anti-piracy cases and it’s not involved with the BurstNet case.
Weird. But the decision by BurstNet has left 70,000 plus bloggers without their blog, content or an explanation of what happened, which is much worse.