7 Weird Sightings at the Democratic National Convention

Despite it being Labor Day, Charlotte was abuzz was activities Monday as journos, delegates and politicians filed into the Queen City to celebrate with blocked roads, boozy parties and stupid hats. I hit the streets of the host city of the DNC to find the weird and wonderful sights among the throngs. Here’s what I encountered.













I knew thing were going to get weird when I boarded my flight to Charlotte. Standing next to me was a gentleman I’ll just call “The Sound of Music.” Luckily, we were spared from any on-flight yodeling, but I was concerned that he had shoehorned a mountain goat in the portfolio in his hand.

As soon as I left the airport and made my way to the hotel, I came face to face with my first big butt of the trip. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. This should keep Washington City Paper‘s City Desk on its toes for a little while.

Down an alley off the main drag is the outdoor setup for MSNBC. I stumbled into the camera shot for The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd and fought the urge to give a hearty “Baba-Booey” to the camera. As Chuck ended his show, he was mobbed by locals looking for pictures with the newsman.

If you’re ever in the Charlotte-area and you find a bar with this in the men’s rest room, you’ve found the right place.

Nick Cannon, mostly famous for being Mariah Carey‘s husband and host of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, plays DJ at Duke Energy’s “Light Up The Night” party.

This gentleman was waiting for a bowl of Shrimp and Grits at the Duke Energy party. This is a rare sighting of the “North Carolina Rat-Tail” hairdo.

The weirdness was contagious around the “Light Up The Night” event, because right after spotting the man with the rat-tail, we saw this gentleman ordering a cocktail wearing a Muumuu or a dashiki or a throw rug with holes in it. I can’t quite figure it out.

Stay tuned for more dispatches from the road as the media elite collides with Southern hospitality.




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