7 Social Networking Apps for your Brand New iPad

I hope you liked our list of Twitter apps for the iPad. Just like Twitter, social networking apps are probably going to be the most sought after applications for the iPad. So, I scour the social networking category of the iPad App Store to search for the newest apps available that were made specifically for the iPad and found seven of them.

Stuck for iPad

Here’s one of the few apps which were made specifically for the iPad. The app doesn’t have an iPhone or iPhone version yet and is compatible only with the iPad. Stuck for iPad is similar to location-aware social networking tools such as Gowalla and Foursquare wherein you broadcast your current location, or in other words – “where you are stuck right now.” You can choose various stuck message or create your own. The app utilizes geo-mapping to pinpoint your current location. I wonder why there’s not other versions of the this app aside from the iPad app. It’s a pretty interesting concept and could very well compete with other social media tools. (Free) iTunes link

Tilimi for iPad

This app turns your iPad into some sort of CB transceiver. It epitomizes the phrase – “Real Time Social Network” as you interact, talk and converse with real people in real time via radio transceiver. Tilimi for iPad features a wide UI which lets you talk while checking messages, managing your contacts, adjust settings, and see channel information. (Price: $0.99) iTunes link

Facebook Ultimate

This Facebook iPad application features – dual Facebook account, powerful rules engine, picture decoration, slideshow, Google-like search, notification page with content preview, copy and paste, landscape keyboard, text flipping, fast photo upload, and other Facebook features. (Price: $2.99) iTunes link


This iPad App lets you manage multiple social networking accounts into one interface. It lets you update your Facebook status, like and comment on Facebook stories, view and comment on your friends’ photos, and write on your friends’ walls. For Twitter, it lets you post tweet, retweet, reply, view user details and search. Social for the iPad also supports Flickr, Digg, and Reddit. (Price: $4.99) iTunes link


This iPad social networking app lets you integrated three things – Facebook updates, Twitter updates and RSS feeds. For its Facebook component you can view Facebook updates, update your own status within the app, and view Facebook walls and news feed via detailed view. For its Twitter components, the app lets you view tweets from those you are following, follow trending topics, tweet within the app, and view historical tweets in detailed view. While for RSS the app lets you watch an RSS item pops out, view news items and track specific RSS feeds. (Price: $4.99) iTunes link.

Dash Four

This app serves as your Foursquare dashboard created specifically for the iPad. If you’re maintaining a Foursquare account and use the check-in features of Foursquare, this iPad app is for you. (Price: $1.99) iTunes link.

Truphone for iPad

If you’ve use Truephone on your iPhone, it’s pretty much the same stuff, fully customized to fit the iPad’s large screen display. Truephone lets you make free calls to anybody via Wi-Fi, add Truphone accounts, combine Truphone contacts/IM list, see your Tru Friends online status and presence, IM and multi-chat with AIM, Google Talk and MSN. (Free) iTunes link