7 Premium WordPress Themes for Journalists

A few weeks ago, we covered 7 great free WordPress themes for journalists that put the focus on your content while taking the guesswork out of choosing the right design.

So what’s the difference in using a premium WordPress theme aside from the price? For starters, support and compatibility. Purchasing a premium WordPress theme ensures that you will have a direct channel of contact to the theme designer to answer any technical questions, and the theme you purchased will have been tested thoroughly in all of the major browsers. Premium WordPress themes may often come with a guarantee for free updates, increased admin options, and the opportunity to download multiple themes if you purchase from a theme club like WooThemes or NattyWP.

Here are a few premium WordPress themes I’ve found that are great for journalists to feature text, photos, or video. If there’s any premium theme that you’ve seen on the Web which would also be great for journalists, let us know in the comments!


Top-selling Themeforest author peerapong has created a gorgeously stunning WordPress theme for photographers, photojournalists, or video journalists. The full-screen views really allow your photos to shine, and there is support for additional portfolios and a blog with comments. If you’re looking for something with a little less wow-factor, try another of peerapong’s themes, PhotoMe.

Demo | Purchase ($35)

AutoFocus 2.0

Dubbed as “A WordPress theme for photographers”, AutoFocus 2.0 puts your photos as the main focus. With dynamic Flickr integration, grid-based design, and support for the latest version of WordPress, this theme packs a lot of power for a low, low price.

Demo | Purchase ($25)


The Block Theme’s modern grid-design format will definitely make your site a standout among the rest. This theme features Twitter integration, custom menu management, and a mobile-friendly design. Whether you’re a freelance writer or you’re the editor of an online magazine, Block will fit bill.

Demo | Purchase ($69)



We featured two themes from German design company Elma Studio in our last post and Bugis rounds out their theme offerings. Sporting the same responsive web design features as their other themes, Bugis has a clean, professional look and will scale whether you are on a mobile phone, tablet device, or desktop. Make sure to click through to the demo and see just how flexible Bugis can be!

Demo | Purchase (12€ / ~$17.07)



Darren Hoyt’s Dispatch is the only child theme out of the ones featured in this entry, meaning that it requires the installation of another theme (in this case, Mimbo Pro) in order to work. While that does require an additional cost, what you’re gaining is two themes built on strong code bases and featuring great design. Dispatch is geared towards writers and independent journalists and works best if you have a large amount of content.

Demo | Purchase ($20)



Highlight is the only horizontal-scrolling theme on our list, and it’s great for photographers. But that’s not all! This theme also features great templates for long form written pieces and videos as well. If your work has a little edge to it, this theme will be a perfect fit.

Demo | Purchase ($50)



Solo is the only single page theme on our list, but don’t let that stop you from considering it. With jQuery scrolling and expanding effects, this theme is clean and simple without being too austere. You can also import photos from Flickr and link the theme to your Twitter account.

Demo | Purchase ($49)