7 New Things That YouTube Revealed At Vidcon

A Sirius XM show, a new app and 2,000 sound effects

YouTube wants users to know it has heard the complaints about monetization and reach and wants to do everything it can to help.

"I believe creators are the essence of YouTube. I know that's what makes YouTube really special. All of you make the platform such an amazing place to be," said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki during Vidcon's keynote address on Thursday. 

The company also knows it's hard to make a living just by uploading clips. To assuage fears, Wojcicki heralded Google's efforts to help boost the growth of content creators' businesses, especially through initiatives like Google Preferred.

The program, which allows brands to advertise on the top 1 and 5 percent of the network's videos, has already found clients, including Heineken, Johnson & Johnson and DigitasLBI. In addition, it will continue to promote the massive effect its influencers can have on fans through programs like brand walkthroughs at Vidcon and its massive print, TV and digital ad campaign, which has featured YouTube stars Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, Roscina Pansino, Epic Rap Battles of History and, next up, Vice News.

The company also unveiled several other features to make YouTube users lives better, which are expected to roll out during the next few months. Here's the highlights:

To speed things up

The online network will allow creators to upload clips at up to 60 frames per second. It's an interesting move, especially considering that that's the speed that looks best for video game content—and YouTube has been rumored to be brokering a deal with gaming-themed portal Twitch.

Music please

To further emphasize the role YouTube plays on the music space, starting in July YouTube will have a dedicated show on Sirius XM called YouTube 15. The satellite radio program will feature the top artists on the video network, and will be hosted by Jenna Marbles, who has more than 13.3 million subscribers.

Subtitled for your pleasure

To make sure that videos can make sense across boundaries—and to boost international presence—YouTube introduced Fan Subtitles, viewer-submitted audio tracks to address the growing need for translations. 

Got spare change?

Further embracing the crowdsourcing movement, YouTube users will be able to link directly to their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Don't have a great idea that you want to shill? You can still add Fan Funding, a digital tip jar that allows people to donate up to $500 to any creator they like. The company will yoink 5 percent plus 21 cents as a transaction fee.

For added effect

YouTube is building on the Music Library feature it launched last year by adding a collection of 2,000 sound effects—including 42 different versions of farts—which will be available today. The company hopes to allow users to submit their own clips in the future and to expand the number of offerings. 

Checking in on the go

YouTube unveiled a new app today on Android (and will release one on iOS in the upcoming weeks) that will allow content creators to see their stats on mobile devices. It's part of the company's push to resonate with an audience that's increasingly on their phones.

Stay For The End of The Credits

To make it easier for its online producers to collaborate, YouTube will allow uploaders to tag other people using new feature called Creator Credits.