7 Interesting Things You Can Tweet Beside Links

It’s good Twitter strategy to mix things up, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with anything unique to tweet. So most of us default to sharing links to articles we’ve read, along with the headline, and forget about it.

However, this can quickly lead to a mundane, non-engaging Twitter presence if it’s all you do. To combat link boredom, here are seven interesting things you can tweet to your followers that aren’t links to other people’s content.

Questions – Asking your followers a question is a great way to not only break the monotony of a timeline full of links, but it’s also a good way to increase engagement. People love sharing their thoughts and opinions, so questions tend to be a good type of tweet to elicit responses from your followers.

Opinions – Don’t be shy on Twitter. If you have an opinion about a world event, the stock market, or your local supermarket, share it!

Productivity advice – Most of us struggle with motivation to get things done, so sharing your productivity tips – whether it’s to only check your email twice in a single day or not to be on Twitter during work hours – will be well-received by your followers.

Statistics – People love a good statistic. If you have an interesting stat jangling around in your head, let it out on Twitter. 95 percent of people polled say this is a good way to add some variety to your timeline.

Tips – Any tip spreads around Twitter like wildfire. No matter what your industry, you can tweet a short and sweet tip and your followers will thank you. Try to make it actionable and simple, and they’ll thank you even more.

Tools – Experimenting with new photo-editing software? Or an analytics package? Tell your followers about it so they can get in on the action too!

Product reviews – Lastly, sharing product reviews on Twitter is something you can do to expand what you tweet. If you just bought a new laptop and you love it, let your followers know. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways that people hear about new products, so you’ll be exposing your followers to cool (or terrible, if you had a lemon) new things.