7 Hot Digital Marketing Stats to Know Going Into the Big Summer Weekend

Got a little Snapchat and lots of Facebook

This week's interactive marketing data points include a 'spectacle' or two. Getty Images
Headshot of Christopher Heine

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody. Here are seven stats from the world of digital marketing that you can consume between grillables, snacks and beverages.

1. Just snap to start
About 10 percent of Snapchat users plan to buy an automobile in the next year. Check out what other stats the Snap’s sales team is pitching to automotive brands here for the company’s app.

2. Businesses need to find their AI voice
Sales of voice-enabled devices—powered by artificial intelligence—grew by 39 percent year over year, according to Adobe’s data. Read more about Adobe’s new voice analytics here.

3. Decelerating 
Adweek spoke with three digital shops that said their cross-client Facebook ad spending was decelerating year over year. Wpromote has seen the most drastic deceleration. Its clients’ second-quarter, year-over-year Facebook spending increase is expected to be 51 percent after seeing a 154 percent year-over-year hike during the same period a year ago. Also, the Los Angeles agency’s clients increased their year-over-year Facebook advertising by 82 percent in the first quarter of 2017.  The numbers include Instagram ads and come from Wpromote’s 70 biggest Facebook advertisers.

4. Social video on the go
Facebook, at the same time, is gearing up for a big mobile holidays season—even in late June. According to the Facebook IQ division, 30 percent of the platform’s mobile shoppers prefer to discover products through videos.

“[Smartphones] will, more than ever before, become everyone’s mobile shopper,” said Martin Barthel, global head of retail and ecommerce at Facebook.

5. India loves Facebook (and vice versa)
Another Facebook note to report: According to eMarketer, nearly 183 million people in India will log on to Facebook regularly in 2017, equaling almost 70 percent of the vast country’s cross-platform social media consumers and about 43 percent of its internet users. The New York researcher forecasted that, by 2021, roughly 47 percent of internet users in India will access Facebook at least once per month.

6. Social religion, indeed
The month-long Muslim holiday Ramadan wrapped last weekend, and Twitter said there were 118 million tweets globally about Ramadan and its season-ending celebration Eid al-Fitr. Halal food marketers and Islam-focused brands take note that Muslims—and Arabs, more specifically—love social media.

7. Trump tweets a lot, yeah, but then media tweets even more about his tweets
We already knew that President Donald Trump was big on Twitter, and we saw what kind of ugly havoc he can cause this week with his Mika Brzezinski tweet. And then Prague, Czech Republic-based Socialbakers statistically spotlighted the larger impact of Trump’s Twitter—783,000 tweets by media players in the last six months. Check out the infographic below.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.