7 Gadgets for the eccentric journalist

As I flew over the U.S. for a week of work in New York City (more details at the end of this post), I got a chance to look through SkyMall, the ubiquitous airline magazine full of goodies for techies and home enthusiasts. Some of the mag’s offerings are bizarre, but the available gadgets, and those elsewhere on the internet, may make some journo very happy.

CompuFlash 2GB Pen

Touted as a “pen that could make James Bond jealous,” the CompuFlash pen can digitally record up to 64 hours using a built in microphone or be used as an FM radio.

(SkyMall | $89.99)

DigiMemo Digital Notepad & Pen

This digital notepad captures and stores everything you write or draw on ordinary paper without using a computer. Additional software will covert handwritten notes into digital form for use in word processing or e-mail programs.

(Skymall | $149.99)

Paper GPS

The Paper GPS is a decidedly low tech way of transcribing directions, but it has to be more fun than Mapquest.

(Perpetual Kid | $6.50)


The Gorillapod is a lightweight, bendable gadget that holds a digital camera in place. The doohickey lessens the need for a tripod the flexible joints can be rotated and bent 360° to form the perfect shape.

(ThinkGeek | $21.99 – $49.99)

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

The mini file cabinet holds up to 800 business cards for cutting down on clutter. Perfect for hobnobbing journalists.

(ThinkGeek | $12.99)

PowerStation Cable Organizer

Gadget freaks rejoice! The PowerStation hides all those ugly cables and makes charging a crop of handheld electronics much easier.

(ThinkGeek | $19.99)

Super Ear

The lightweight Super Ear’s ethical use may be in question, but when you simply must hear what a source is saying the high-powered microphone will do the trick.

(ThinkGeek | $39.99)

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