6wave’s Wonderland Epic: Complete puzzles in the land of the Red Queen on Facebook

Image via 6waves

Hoping to gain some of the same popularity earned by King’s Pet Rescue Saga, 6waves has released Wonderland Epic on Facebook. The level-based puzzle game takes players to the land of the Red Queen, Jack Diamond and Club Ace, and asks them to make matches by simply clicking on groups of two or more matching tiles.

Each level in Wonderland Epic comes with at least one requirement that must be met, like clearing a certain percentage of tiles from the board, or forcing symbols to drop to the bottom of the board.

The Red Queen serves as a free power-up in each stage, and can be used to clear a 3×3 group of blocks of the user’s choice. If players can clear the entire board of symbols without running out of moves, they’ll receive bonus points. If not, they can replay stages to increase their previous high scores.

Image via 6waves

Additional power-ups can be purchased with coins, which are earned at the completion of each level. These include hammers that can clear a single block from the board and a bomb that clears another group of 3×3 tiles, as examples. These bombs are especially helpful for levels with destructible obstacles, as they can remove those obstacles without using the queen’s power.

In just a few weeks on Facebook, Wonderland Epic has climbed to over 1.7 million monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData. The game has already been updated with new content, taking the game to 120 levels as of October 17. Wonderland Epic is now available to play for free on Facebook.